Building Self-Esteem,
Confidence & Integrity


Education & Activities Program

The DeSoto Grace Education & Activities Program is designed to provide free tutoring and a variety of activities to children whose families would not otherwise be able to enroll them in academic assistance programs or activity programs. The children are engaged in a consistent academic and activities program designed to help them build a solid foundation that will encourage them to work hard toward a bright future.

DeSoto Grace partners with local schools in order to align tutoring with what is being taught in the school and select specific target areas that are most important to help the students be successful.

DeSoto Grace partners with local churches, small groups, and organizations to provide a variety of activities including sports, games, crafts, music, etc.

The program is specifically for qualifying 3rd & 4th grade students attending DeSoto County Schools.

The DeSoto Grace Education and Activity program has been a vital part of a rise in school grades, improved behavior in the classroom and an increase in the self-confidence of the children who regularly participate in the program. Relationships have been forged and hope is being restored.

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 DeSoto Grace Events

Periodically we organize events for our DG families and the community. These typically take place on weekends and are designed according to the needs of the DeSoto Grace families and the community.

DeSoto Grace Summer Programs

During the summer we coordinate two programs:

Community Involvement Program

DeSoto Grace teaches students to give back to the community through active involvement. Adults and students go out and help the community in tangible ways through various community service projects.

Projects are scheduled on various days and times throughout the summer.

Summer School Program

On Tuesday evenings throughout the summer we meet with students for one on one tutoring to work on areas of study that they need to improve on before the next school year.