Building relationships through genuine trust, authentic relationships, and transparency.


Our Philosophy

We believe that people are the greatest and most valuable resource. Unfortunately, some people become trapped in generational patterns and need the assistance of others to break free from them. For those who desire to break away from unproductive tendencies, DeSoto Grace partners with families and their children to help them recognize and open doors of opportunities. It is through these positive circumstances we help guide and enable them to live out the hopes and dreams they have for their future. Our desire is that everyone becomes a productive and vital part of our community.

We have a strong conviction that relationships are the foundation from which all opportunities are developed and formed. It is our desire to intentionally build and nurture these relationships by focusing on four key elements that embody everything we are and do. We know that relationships are formed when serving, learning, playing, and resourcing are presented and carried out in a relevant and fun way for all of those involved. It is through positive and encouraging relationships that lives are touched and people become empowered to reach their potential.



Meeting needs through our volunteer network.

When people are overwhelmed with their circumstances they become unable to act on their own. It is our desire to meet people at the heart of their deepest needs and work together to overcome those circumstances. We serve others because two people can accomplish more together than either could accomplish on their own.


Supplement the education of those who need assistance.

In our society, a good education is the first defense against poverty and disease. Our educational system and teachers are overwhelmed with the needs of the community. It is our desire to come alongside the schools and teachers in the community and help them educate our children.


Instill the value of discipline and hard work.

All people need to learn the values that play brings to their lives. The ability to take a break and enjoy physical activity is even more vital in the midst of hardships. Proper play enables us to rest and to dream and teaches us that with discipline and hard work we can reach our goals.


Providing resources and opportunities.

Everything we do hinges on the concept of sharing the resources that we have with those who are in need. It is through sharing that we give people the tools that enable them to break the chains of the circumstances that hold them captive. Nothing worthwhile comes without cost, but nothing without cost is worthwhile.