Our Beginnings

DeSoto Grace began as a compassion ministry of Life Fellowship Church. The Lead Pastor, Patrick Conrad, was confronted with the poverty that exists in DeSoto County and the fact that many families struggle. In an effort to connect with families stricken by poverty, Life Fellowship Church hosted multiple DeSoto Grace events between August 2012 through December 2013. After these events it was determined that people living in poverty would benefit greatly from having more permanent and consistent assistance through programs in their local communities. On May 1, 2014 DeSoto Grace was incorporated in the state of Mississippi.

What We Do

DeSoto Grace partners with local resources and programs in order to reach into the community through large events that occur periodically throughout the year and by maintaining a consistent presence in the community through the DeSoto Grace Education and Activities Program.

Our Team

Terri Sparkman

Director & Public Relations Coordinator

Terri focuses on development for DeSoto Grace and is often the one who pounds the pavement and reaches into the community to build relationships with schools, businesses and other ministries. Through her hard work, DeSoto Grace has received many donations of items needed to run the program with excellence. As a former elementary education & gifted program teacher, Terri’s heart and soul are in tune with the needs of the children who struggle educationally. She works closely with schools in the community and coordinates the development of the unique and successful curriculum that has improved the desire of DeSoto Grace students to learn.

Brooke Dean

Executive Administrator

With a background in public accounting and as a director of finance for a large church, Brooke brings her knowledge of business, finance, and ministry to the table. She has been a key to the success of DeSoto Grace through efforts to establish DeSoto Grace as an entity, maintain the financial records, and fulfill reporting requirements for the 501(c)3.

Sherri Howard

Program Coordinator & Facility Manager

As a former science & math teacher, coach and elementary athletic director, Sherri has a wealth of experience dealing with students and parents. She has experience as a counselor and uses these skills to empower DeSoto Grace students through character building, positive reinforcement, and engaging students with sports, music, art, crafts, and health activities. Sherri is responsible for the coordination of DeSoto Grace volunteers, or Champions as we refer to them, and communication with participating families. Families communicate various needs with Sherri, and she diligently works with DeSoto Grace’s resource network to assist where possible. Sherri is the “go-to person” for all things related to DeSoto Grace Programs.

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